Caroline Gaynor – Sandwich Generation Caregiving

Caroline Gaynor - Sandwich Generation Caregiving

Caroline Gaynor is a Relationship Director and Investment Specialist at a large investment company.

She discusses what it was like when her mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, how she and her husband navigated caregiving, and what it is like balancing everything with her toddler.

I appreciated Caroline’s vulnerability in sharing the emotions she experienced. This was her first time telling this part of her story, and I am grateful for it.

One of my favorite quotes from the discussion is:

“I think I was just in denial, and my husband has said that a lot. ‘You and your siblings just didn’t see it, and I saw it for a year and a half. Like I knew where this was headed.’ And he was right. And so I have a lot of guilt around that because he was really holding down the fort and just feeling like he is screaming at the top of his lungs and we’re all sitting here saying, ‘She’ll be fine – she just needs to do this or this or this’ – not that she would be fine, but that it was fine for her to stay in the house.”