Cathy Sikorski, Esq.: Important Legal Documents & Caregiving Tips

Cathy Sikorski

Cathy Sikorski is an eldercare attorney and caregiver.

She talks about the important legal documents people want to have before a health crisis occurs, the difference between a trust and a will, and what questions to ask in a hospital setting.

We also discuss how to appeal insurance denials, how to evaluate assisted living facilities or nursing homes, and how to relax and accept help as a caregiver.

I appreciated Cathy’s wealth of knowledge and her personal and professional stories of caregiving.

One of my favorite quotes from the discussion is:

“Tsunami…because when it hits, it hits hard. It’s unexpected. (The) rip current draws you back, and you think, ‘Okay, it’s a little crises. It’s not going to be so bad. Somebody had a stroke. Somebody fell down. Whatever. Right, It’s okay?’

Or they are acting a little wonky, but you know maybe with good nutrition or whatever…dad or mom will get better and then boom – that wave comes and hits us and knocks us all down. And we are like, ‘Whoa, now we are dealing with all kinds of things.’ That’s the tsunami.”