Danika Waddell: How Couples Can Get on the Same Page About Money

Danika Waddell, CFP®, RLP® is the founder and lead financial planner of Xena Financial Planning. 

She loves working with couples who don’t see eye to eye on money and having tough conversations to help get them on the same page about their spending, saving, and investing. 

What I appreciated most about the conversation were the numerous tips and exercises Danika shared that couples can go through to help in their money decision making. 

One of my favorite quotes from the discussion is:

“My favorite thing for couples to do is to sit down with the credit card year-end statement and go through it together. I love credit card year-end statements. I think they are endlessly fascinating. It’s super eye opening to go through that together because usually what you find in the year-end credit card statement is not what you expect.”