Lei Deng, CFA, CFP®: Proactive Financial Planning Discussions with Family

Lei Deng - Proactive Financial Planning Discussions with Family

Lei Deng, CFA, CFP® is a financial planner in St. Louis, Missouri.

She talks about the cultural and generational differences around financial planning, how the pandemic made her and her husband think about what an ideal life looks like for them, and what it’s like to lose a family member.

We also talked about how to have proactive financial planning discussions with family – even the morbid topics like estate planning.

I appreciated Lei opening up and being candid about her own planning and how she approaches conversations with her family.

One of my favorite quotes from the discussion is:

“What is the ideal life for us? What do we want in life? Do we want to make a lot of money and just not being able to kiss our kids goodnight? Is that the life we want? Or is there something different out there?”