Susan Rupe: Caregiving – Financial Abuse and Family Dynamics

Susan Rupe

Susan Rupe is the managing editor of a leading, Web-based trade publication for insurance agents, home office personnel, and other professionals in the life, health, annuity and property/casualty industries.

Susan opens up about the caregiving she did for her great aunt. She shared stories about bold individuals stealing from her great aunt, the dynamics of being a power of attorney while trying to share updates, and what the transition was like from her great aunt living at home, moving to assisted living, and then to skilled nursing.

I appreciated Susan’s willingness to go into detail about what it was like being a caregiver and the challenges they faced.

One of the parts of the discussion that shocked me the most was when Susan described the interaction of when people were trying to steal from her great aunt:

“She said she didn’t have the checkbook because I had taken it, and they said, ‘Well, we’ll drive you to the bank and you can withdraw your money.’”